Una Visita Especial

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Students from Mrs. Hayner’s 8th grade Spanish class came on Monday to read their books to the children. What an inspiration!! If the big and cool kids from Middle School write books in Spanish then I’ll do the same…as soon as they left many children began asking me for paper so that they can start writing their own books!!

Buen Trabajo

Fin de Año / End of the year



I’ve been getting messages from parents asking about end of the year activities and/or celebrations, here is what I have so far:

On Thursday Have your child wear their pajamas and bring a special snack, we will have games and competitions and in the afternoon we will watch a movie in Spanish: The land before time, I was looking for something that the children have not seen and this movie is very new for most children but is about dinosaurs looking for a new place to live, is from the early 90’s and by Steven Spielberg.

If anyone has an objection to the movie please let me know I will find something else!!!

On Friday Zack’s and Dore’s mom will do an art project with the kids that they will take home.

Now that I have a better idea on how things run in the district, next year I will be planning a End of the Year Concert with Kinder garden and First Grade putting on a show with Latin American folklore dance, songs and customs.

I have been directed by the school administration that we can not have food at all, not even popsicles or popcorn, I am sorry but that comes straight from the office, I was told that after the Cinco de Mayo activities and I hope everyone can understand.